Pink Mango Kush (AAA) – 1oz SPECIAL !!



Pink Mango Kush is a Sativa hybrid strain created from crossing Pink Kush with Mango Kush.  This particular strain has a distinct citric and fruity aroma smell but when smoked, you’ll get the essence of mango with hints of creamy earthiness underneath.

This strain by The Goodz is said to get you and your partner in the mood and can enhance the senses for a more pleasurable encounter. You’ll also experience thoughts of happiness with a clear focus to help keep up productivity during the day. This strain is also great for treating mild pains, depression and just sheer daily exhaustion from a busy day.


Take advantage of our  1 oz SPECIAL pricing !!!

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1g, 3.5g (1/8oz), 7g (1/4oz), 14g (1/2oz), 28g (1oz)